The vision of an organization is the "x-ray" of what the company wants for the future and what it aims to offer to its customers.

Brightway®'s Vision: "Leveraging human potential and inspiring organizations to become the engine of change, contributing to global prosperity."


The mission is the purpose for which every organization exists.

In the industry of education and development programs, our mission is to improve the quality of people's lives by delivering innovative educational programs and management tools that address the daily challenges of individuals, teams, and organizations in the business environment.


  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP:We encourage individual initiative, decision-making, and autonomy under the umbrella of Brightway® quality standards.

  • INNOVATION:We build solutions intended to facilitate evolution in the business environment, and at the same time, the overall progress of the community we are part of.

  • AUTHENTICITY:We believe that discovering who you truly are is the basis of any development process. The freedom of each team member to be genuine generates added value for our partners.

  • USER EXPERIENCE:Understanding the architecture of the business processes, we make the experience of the stakeholders as easy and enjoyable as possible so that they can reach their objectives, with a minimum investment of resources.

  • PROSPERITY:Through everything we do, we strive that well-being, personal fulfillment, and financial security to represent the undeniable reality for us and our partners.

How can our consultants help you?

Awareness. Change. Evolution. We support organizational development and employee retention through training programs and customized long-term courses.

For small teams or for those individuals interested in courses, we also support training programs in open sessions.

We have over 20 courses open to the general public each year, with over eight essential topics in personal & professional development: communication, Process Communication Model®, leadership, management, time management, project management, negotiation and persuasion, finance, coaching techniques, and the list goes on.

See the calendar of open events of interest to you in the next period.

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