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What is the Customer Care Training Program?

Are there businesses that are doing well today even if they don't have good and quality services for the needs of their customers? And here we are not talking about what they sell, but how they do it. A very important first step is not to confuse Customer Care with other concepts such as Customer Relations or Customer Service. Wink, wink.

Customer Care, or as it is called customer support, is the process by which we manage to build an emotional connection with customers, while Customer Service is simply the advice, counseling, or assistance you provide from the business directly to the customer. The concept of Customer Care is unfortunately much less measurable than the advice available to the customer. But a massive advantage is that it is more focused on one-to-one relationships with business customers.

We thought of a Customer Care Training in which the measurement of loyalty and success is combined with the investments in the objectives and especially in the needs of the clients in the portfolio.

The training program aims to train relationship and communication skills. During the training program, you will receive working tools to manage various practical situations of communication with customers and you will take the first step towards creating a customer guide for your organization, in case it is not created or requires additions.

Who is the training made for?

Customer Care training can be done for divisions and entire teams, but can also be customized for a smaller number of people. It is built to help those who provide support, regardless of the field in which you work.

The course comes as a real help for those who receive customers in the showroom, interact with them by phone or other communication channels, with the main mission of developing business relationships and customer loyalty.






Assertive approach. Concrete methods of approaching clients in any type of situation.

✓ Loyalty techniques. Practical techniques for customer loyalty in the medium and long term.

Motivation. Strategies for identifying the motivations that cause customers to choose the company you belong to.

Handling complaints. Practical steps for dealing with dissatisfied customers.

Efficient communication. Communication tools with different types of clients.


Customer loyalty. Techniques that keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your company.

Improving the reputation. Concrete tools by which your organization improves its image in the market.

Rating and online promotion. Satisfied customers will share their opinions in the online environment, thus enhancing the company's image. 

Efficieny and professionalism. Optimizing the time allocated to managing the dissatisfaction. 

✓ Communication strategy. Outlining a strategy for communicating accurate and complete information.

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