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Bogdan Secara

Senior Trainer & Consultant



Bogdan Secară is a doctor by training, yet most of his professional experience being in sales, management, business consulting, especially in the pharmaceutical field, for companies such as Sanofi, Zentiva, or Glenmark.

Out of his 18 years of experience over 13 years, he has led sales and project implementation teams, both regionally and nationally.


Studies and Expertise

Faculty of Medicine Grigore T. Popa (Iași)

Hogan Assessments Certificate (Bucharest)

Fundamentals in Systemic Coaching by Alain Cardon (Bucharest)

Process Communication Model® Certification



  • The very pragmatic approach of training programs he implements is based on extensive professional experience obtained from direct contact with the business environment, in the process of promotion and direct sales, as well as leading heterogeneous teams of up to 100 people.

  • The added value of the management experience at a national level is anchored in his activity for Eastern European projects: coaching and mentoring for middle management teams, obtaining the Proficiency rating for GM and designation as part of the international group High Potential of large multinational companies.

  • He has experience in running coaching programs with middle and top management people.

  • Within the Brightway® team, Bogdan participated in the development of the following training programs: Communication using PCM® in the actual context, Practical Sales Techniques, Sales and Telesales Communication Techniques, Training in the Art of Negotiation and Persuasion.

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