Chain Reaction



How does it work?

We make the most of the purpose of this teambuilding and put into action a whole chain reaction.

We put the participants' imagination to the test, along with their skill and team coordination.

Starting from stacks of materials with no particular purpose, teams will end up building automatically operated mechanisms to create a real chain reaction.

In addition to the values that will be built up through this activity, the end will be a real visual spectacle.

It fits excellently with the need for collective understanding, the need to respect the opinion of colleagues, involvement and cooperation to achieve common goals.





What does the team get?

An impactful chain reaction, carefully constructed by each team member, that surprises us at the end, but leaves its long-lasting mark on the team and the relationships between colleagues.
From limited resources, we manage to build a functional and incredible mechanism.
We realise how important each individual's contribution to the organisational mechanism is.
We realize that we can only achieve success if we work well together.
We learn to ensure more often that others have the resources they need.
We need to communicate a lot to make things work, just like in business.
We organize resources and negotiate with others to produce win-win situations.
We have to find solutions, even when resources are not enough.
✓ We draw parallels with real life, where it always takes a little push to make things work.
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  1. Chain Reaction