Financial Consultancy



What is this program about?

Following the financial analysis of the company', the specialists in our team offer consulting sessions on strategies that can be applied to reach a financial balance in times of crisis or to increase profitability when the business operates in normal parameters. In order to have flourishing business, the root solutions must be based on data but also on the specific field of business.

Brightway financial consultancy program is not an audit, but a mixture of tax expertise and business knoledge that can generate strategic solutions for the company's growth.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to the management board of small and medium-sized companies that aim to increase profitability and to include financial factors in the short and medium term improvement plan.







Integrated vision. Managers understand and integrate the financial aspects of the company.

Right decisions. The right decisions are easier to identify after understanding and considering financial indicators.

Stress reduction. The financial balance of the company brings aling the decrease of the stress level of the managers.

Time efficiency. Managers invest less time in making decisions or creating the right strategies.



Better decisions. Business decisions will be based on concrete information, on financial indicators.

Development plan. Drawing up a development plan based on the suggestions proposed by the consultants.

Reorganization. Applying changes based on financial indicators and the specifics of the services or products marketed.

Problem solving. Identifing the right solutions for possible irregularities or dificulties of the company.

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