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What is Leadership Academy about?

Leadership Academy is a training program dedicated to the top management team, meant to help them lay the foundations of a successful leadership system, which will draw in the shortest direction the development of the company for the next 50 years, responding to the challenges and aspirations of the organization.

A work path along which they will train or build concrete adaptation strategies, helping them to implement a system that ensures the sustainable development of the organization, in the current market context, taking into consideration the challenges posed by technological progress, crisis situations, or changes of economic/social fields.

The program is built in 4 stages, especially for your organization, based on a diagnostic process and a set of measurable objectives established together with the participants, starting from the diagnosis of the existing leadership system, clarifying the Vision / Mission / Values ​​and their implementation strategy within the organization, business simulations, the impact of different leadership styles, motivational systems, and the performance management plans, skills development through experiential learning, executive coaching and consulting offered to each participant, or change management skills and tracking results in relation to the objectives set by each participant at the beginning of the program.



What do you gain by attending this course?

   ✓ Clarifying objectives, increasing the efficiency of the way of working, and creating clear levers for measuring the results along the way.
   ✓ Profitable decisions adopted based on the plan built during the training.
   ✓ Optimizing certain processes by adapting them to the current context and training personal skills to adapt to change.
   ✓ Increasing performance by involving new skills and methods of motivation and talent management, for the management of human and material resources in the current context.
   ✓ Defining the Mission and Values ​​of the business and the strategy for their implementation, in the form of an adaptive organizational culture.
   ✓ Cascading objectives and performance management systems, using relevant indicators (Key Performance Indicators).
   ✓ Organizing operational flows - designing the plan using integrated software.
   ✓ Through experiential learning, each manager trains to use management tools, communication, persuasion, and leadership, developing new skills, competencies, and induction processes, correlating job descriptions with the skills needed for each role.
   ✓ Assistance in the change process by an executive coach, in implementation projects with measurable objectives. Motivational systems that generate initiative and performance.
   ✓ Reduce risks by increasing the capacity of the team and the organization as a whole, to adapt to current changes.
   ✓ Personal development, the tools being applied on a personal level.
   ✓ Networking and new business opportunities with the entry into the Alumni community of Leadership Academy graduates.



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