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About Training

✓ The training takes place online on Zoom, in 4 sessions of 4 hours each in the following days 14th - 17th of March, from 09:00 to 13:00.
✓ After the training, the participants receive weekly topics to be implemented with digital-interactive answers.
✓ Although the subject is perceived as a complex one, the interactive simulation generates energy, involvement, and a good mood. We enjoy learning!

What is Project Management at Work about?

The Project Management at Work training is made for people who are responsible for project management and have not exeprienced project management training until now. It is also suitable for those who do not formally have the position of Project Manager, but take over project management responsibilities.
In this Training we focus on concrete results, depending on the projects of the beneficiaries. Thus, participants individually receive tools and applications for allocating resources and sharing tasks in their current projects, learn how to communicate with stakeholders during the activity and how to define objectives and structure project stages, based on prioritization strategies.
On the other hand, organizations gain in terms of efficiency, as Project Managers who follow the course will develop agile strategies and working methods, including gains in terms of monitoring, as scalable indicators are revealed for evaluating projects and the quality of teamwork. Last but not least, the participants are familiar with a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) and learn how to implement strategies for defining budgets, making forecasts, and reporting.
In this training course, we enter the professional situations of the student and we help him manage the started projects through various tools and applications that will make his resources more efficient from all points of view. Through experiential learning methods, participants will receive tools to effectively manage a project and will be trained to apply them to specific cases in the organization to which they belong.
In the current context, The Project Management at Work program also involves a series of elements of adaptation to the effects that the pandemic had on the development of our activity, both professionally and especially in projects.


What do you gain as a participant?

✓ You learn how to define the objectives of a project and to structure its stages.
✓ Tools to allocate resources and share/delegate project tasks.
✓ Methods of communication with stakeholders during the project.
✓ You analyze prioritization strategies that you can implement in your activity.
✓ You learn some agile working methods that you can apply in certain projects.
✓ Indicators to monitor the evolution of projects and the quality of work.
✓ You apply strategies for defining budgets, making forecasts and reports.
✓ You work on real case studies and practical examples from your field of activity.



Investment and organization


The investment is 350 EUR + VAT. The investment is recovered with the first working processes optimized after the training program.  

** The fee includes e-mail support for a proper implementation after training for 3 months.

Timing and Location

The training is held online on the Cisco Webex or Zoom platform, in 4-hour sessions, 14th - 17th of March.



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