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What is this Transformational Coaching?

Our expectations of ourselves are sometimes very high: have professional success, maybe even get a leadership role, invest in relationships, accept your family, eat healthy, work hard, not too hard though, exersise, meditate, read, stay connected to nature, to be good to yourselves and others, give constructive feedback, manage conflicts well, go out (when we can), don't to go out (when it's not allowed) and on and on.

In addition to all this, life puts us in difficult situations that force us to reposition ourselves in a very short time and, again, be the best version sof ourself. Really now, how is this even possible? The good news is that twe have everything we need to cope with all challenges in our lives. Sometimes, however, caught up in the speed of everyday life, we fail to see the solutions, so a partner in the journey of discovering our transformation path can be decisive.

Who is it for?

Transformational coaching is for anyone who is looking for answers in their life or who feels they need a change. Accredited professionals in transformational coaching will be your partners in this journey and will provide you the space and the context for you to discover the solutions you are looking for.







Steps for an inbound/outbound call. Steps to increase the rate of conversion and resolution of tickets.

Phone communication techniques. Analysis of the interlocutor's communication style and different methods of approach.

Understanding clients. Identification of the emotional factors that influence the decisions of the interlocutors.

Verbal or nonverbal language. Tools to create a natural and pleasant phone message. 

Managing negative emotions. Becoming aware of emotional stress triggers and methods for maintaining a positive energy. 



Process analysis. An "X-ray" of the phone interaction processes and concrete actions proposed for their efficiency.

Customer perception. Improving the company's image in phone interactions.

Conversion rates. Increasing productivity per team member by decreasing the number of interactions converted into results.

Customer loyalty. Practical methods that have a positive influence on customer retention rate. 

Solving issues. Tools for managing "delicate" situations.

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