Company organization chart: the efficient solution for your business!

Company organization chart: the efficient solution for your business!

Organisational chart of a company: the efficient solution to improve your business performance!​

Have you invested the last bit of energy, hope and finances in your business, but, nevertheless, you helplessly observe how all your efforts are in vain and how your dream is on the verge of falling apart? Don't get discouraged, but turn to the right specialists to help you channel your resources efficiently for maximum performance and revitalization of your business. Brightway provides you with the best specialists in the creation of a company's organisational chart, so that you can have uninterrupted success!

What is company's organisation chart?

A company's organisation chart is a detailed graphical representation of how a company operates. It is based on the resources available to the company, as well as on the vertical or horizontal reporting relationships between the different entities that make up the company (both different departments and individual posts).

Regardless of the field of activity of your business, establishing an organisational structure has a number of advantages in terms of running your business. For example, creating an organisation chart for your company will highlight:

  •  how tasks are divided, vertically and horizontally;
  • the positions and tasks of each employee;
  • the specific responsibilities of each position;
  • the communication channels involved in the optimal performance of the employees' activities.

For this reason, in order to achieve an efficient organization chart, our specialists, with about 20 years of experience, can be the saving solution for you and your business, because every company needs a hierarchical organization in order to function and achieve maximum efficiency. The organisation chart can vary according to the strategy of each company.


Organization chart types:

  • Vertical (hierarchical) organisation chart

This type of company organisation chart is pyramid-shaped, where the person at the top (the CEO or business owner) has the highest level of authority and has subordinates divided into departments. Within this model, a fan-type organisation chart is also integrated, in which each management function is 'assigned' a maximum of two departments.

  • Horizontal organisation chart 

This is a model with a flat, lateral structure. This type of organisation creates a sense of independence among colleagues in the company. Within this category there is also the circular organisation chart, which places the management team in the centre and each segment is followed by other segments of the circle representing the names of the departments.

  • Matrix organisation chart 

This is a hybrid model, positioned between the two named above. In this type of organisational chart there is not so much emphasis on authority and respect of a hierarchy. The matrix organisation chart is mainly used in companies with projects involving employees from all departments.

Who draws up a company's organisation chart?

This is usually the job of the manager and the HR director, together with the managers of the other departments. After it has been drawn up, the HR department is responsible for presenting the document to all employees and explaining how it will be applied.

However, the task can be outsourced and can be done much more efficiently with the help of experts with almost 20 years of experience in the field. Our specialists can help you identify the right organisational chart model for your company. They will help you organize your company according to its specifics and the culture you want to promote within your company. Regardless of the model chosen, it is important that both managers and employees know their role and the tasks they have to perform and do everything to make the company and the business grow, have satisfied customers and be profitable.

In addition, Brightway specialists design, create and implement personal and professional development programs to help you increase professionalism and team solidarity. Trainings, courses, business simulations, team building or workshops - these are just some of the other solutions that our specialists will put in place for the development of your business.

Give your business a refresh and use our services with confidence. Your team needs support for a comprehensive development, so that it is always ready to face the challenges of the market. Choose the optimal solution for your company, with integrated programmes that stimulate and deliver results, leveraging investments made wisely. 

For an accurate assessment of your employees' state of health, don't hesitate to ask them regularly to take a burnout test like the one HERE.

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  1. Company organization chart: the efficient solution for your business!