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Diana Todeanca

Psychologist & Coach



Psychotherapist and business coach, Diana creates for her clients a safe and comfortable mental space. They can find and use important resources laying within on a subliminal level, where they can understand their own emotions, thoughts, and choices.

She can transform all her client's experiences to achieve the best results for her clients and their professional, social or personal environment. Through creative methods, Diana translates coaching sessions into an extraordinary journey to the deepest aspects of one's inner self.

Creative and very jovial, Diana always manages to inspire her audience and helps participants in her programs clarify their vision and action plan. She firmly believes that most of the time, we find the right answers and solutions in ourselves. By combining methods used in psychotherapy with management and business coaching tools, she maximizes the potential of the people she interacts with.

In her free time, Diana does a lot of sports and relaxes in nature or cooking culinary delights of different international cuisines.


Studies and Expertise

Doctor (Ph.D.) in Social Representations and Communication (Sapienza University, Rome)

 Doctor (Ph.D.) in Psychology (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași)

 ICF Accredited Coach (PCC level)

 Psychotherapist specialized in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis


 Certification Points of You®


  • Diana started her career in clinical psychology and recruitment exploring different work environments such as the medical field, the national security field, the academic ground, and​ multinationals. She has complex experience in delivering different educational and personal development programs.

  • She coordinated multiple soft-skills training programs, personal development programs, and recruitment and evaluation campaigns for different clients. She also delivered over 9000 sessions one-on-one with business partners or individual clients.

  • Within the Brightway® team, Diana manages complex soft-skills development programs or long-term project implementation in the psycho-social area. She helps teams reach their full potential and support the individual development of each key person in the company to achieve personal and organizational goals.

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