Financial Analysis



What is this program about?

An outside perspective of a financial expert ibrings possiblities and key decisions for repositioning your business. Rely on "numbers" when constructing a strategic development plan!

The Brightway® team of consultants perform a thorough analysis of the balance sheet and financial indicators in relation to products, services and management decisions. Therefore, in the consulting stage, the management board will be able to choose the optimal strategies in accordance with the financial analysis, adapted both to the economic contexts and the specifics of the business.

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to the management board of small and medium-sized companies that aim to increase profitability and to include financial factors in the short and medium term improvement plan.







Overview. The management board receives a report of the financial analysis and the current situation of the company.

Solid decisions. Based on the report, operational managers can implement correct decisions, based on financial indicators.

External point of view. The analysis carried out by a third party serves as a new perspective for the company, unbiased by internal beliefs or previous decisions.

Time saving. With a detailed report of the current financial situation, the time invested in creating strategies or making business decisions decreases.



Growth or balance. The financial analysis leads to correct decisions which, implemented in the consultancy stage, have a direct impact on the turnover growth.

Internal "X-ray". As with a thorough medical check-up, the financial diagnosis is the most consistent starting point for tustwothy solutions.

Reorganization of departments. The analysis can reveal aspects to be improved in various departments like logistics, distribution, marketing, technical support, etc.

Problem spotting. In difficult contexts or crisis, a detailed analysis shed light upon difficult situations and spot precise problems.

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