Financial Analysis



What is this program about?

An objective perspective from a team of experts in financial analysis and management. Conducting a financial analysis of your company can lead to key decisions or strategies that can reposition and/or grow your business. Rely on "numbers" and hard data when proposing a change or building a growth plan!

Brightway® specialized consultants will perform a detailed analysis of the balance sheet and financial indicators in relation to your company's products, services and management decisions. Then, in the consulting phase, the management board will be able to choose the optimal strategies in accordance with the financial analysis, adapted to the economic context, trends and specificities of the market in which you operate. 

Who is it for?

The program is addressed to the management board of companies that aim to increase profitability, want to build a dashboard of indicators on which to make decisions, want to implement working on budgets or analyze various scenarios on the financial impact of an investment. 







New perspectives on the company. You will receive a financial analysis report that presents an x-ray of the organisation, critical areas, investment and development prospects and a concrete plan of action appropriate to the proposed objectives.

Wise decisions. Based on the report and the proposed strategies, operational managers can implement sound decisions based on financial indicators.

Opportunities and trends. The analysis performed by Brightway®'s team of consultants will show you opportunities to optimise costs and investments in relation to market trends.

Save time. Having a detailed report of your current financial situation reduces the time you spend creating strategies or making business decisions.

Critical thinking. You'll get insights and tools to help you build adaptive leadership strategies based on financial information. 



Strategies for financial balance. The financial analysis gives the organisation a clear picture of imbalances and the action plan proposes concrete strategies for implementing a financial management system to ensure the company's balance.

Objective external viewpoint. The consulting team generates an objective analysis, free of bias and uninfluenced by emotional factors. The organisation obtains an external viewpoint that generates innovation through lateral thinking.

Cost optimisation strategies. From the financial analysis, improvement aspects can emerge that optimise costs in different departments, be it logistics, distribution, marketing, etc.

Opportunities to increase profitability. The diagnostic gives a clear picture of the possibilities for increasing profitability and opens up new perspectives for the organisation.

Financial agility. In difficult or crisis environments, thorough financial analysis provides clarity, identifying patterns by which the company can adapt to the new context.

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