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What is this program about?

Because the sales world is always changing and the challenges keep popping up, Brightway® specialists have developed a unique coaching program that specifically targets the challenges that arise in the sales area. Reaching your full potential in sales is about how each person travels within themselves and explores the emotions, fears, and strengths there.

Specialized sales coaches can better understand and directly address the right questions to support you in the process of discovering solutions specific to this complex profession. Everything happens in one-on-one sessions of 50-60 minutes.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for people with vast experience in sales who need a change of perspective or those who encounter difficulties or barriers or want to improve certain aspects of their business. Since sales is a constantly changing domain, challenges can arise even for people with extensive experience or who hold managerial positions.







Real Objectives. Although we always hear about goals, setting REAL personal goals is difficult but extremely important for personal and professional results.
Identification of difficulties. The right time to spend time analyzing the elements they want to improve on themselves.
Exploring emotions and thoughts. Our beliefs and feelings influence our actions at every step. Their awareness and understanding is essential for performance.
Discovery of power elements. Exploring yourself leads to sometimes difficult, sometimes wonderful discoveries that help you find your personal balance.
​✓ Individuality. 1: 1 coaching sessions bring growth, change or improvement to your own person, exactly to the extent that everyone is prepared and capable.



Human development. The development of each member of the team means the growth of the organization.
Improving relationships with partners / team. Balanced people build functional, prosperous relationships around them. To be good to oneself means to be good to others.
Better decisions. The company saves time and resources by optimizing the decisions that people make and avoiding mistakes. A single correct decision means for the company the return on investment.
Change management. Supporting teams going through transition periods in which adaptability to new contexts can generate imbalances.
​✓ Supporting organizational development. The exponential growth of a company must be strengthened by the growth of key people in the team.

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