Sales Expert Coaching



What is this program about?

Due to the fact that the world of sales is always changing and the challenges never cease to arise, Brightway® specialists have developed a unique coaching program that specifically targets the challenges that arise in this field. Reaching your full potential in sales depends on how each person takes their own journey within themselves and explores their emotions, fears and strengths.

A specialist and experienced sales coach can better understand and directly ask the right questions to support you in the process of discovering solutions specific to this complex profession. It all happens in 50-60 minute one-to-one sessions.

Who is it for?

The program is for people with sales experience who need a change of perspective or those who face difficulties or barriers. People who want to improve certain aspects of their business can also access the program. As a constantly changing field, challenges can arise even for people with extensive experience or in managerial positions, so the seniority level it doesn't matter.







Real Goals. Although we hear about goals all the time, setting REAL personal goals is difficult, but extremely important for achieving results. Break unhealthy habits and build your steps to success!

Identify the difficulties. This is a good time to dedicate time to analyze challenges, roadblocks and things you want to improve about yourself.

Exploring your emotions and thoughts. Our beliefs and feelings influence our actions every step of the way. Awareness and understanding of them is essential to performance.

Discovering our strengths. Exploring yourself leads to sometimes difficult, sometimes wonderful discoveries that help you find personal balance and perform in sales.

Individuality. 1:1 coaching sessions produce growth, change or improvement in your own person. The coach is your personal coach who accompanies you on your journey to sales performance.



People development. Developing each team member means growing the organization. You'll get a team of empowered and emotionally mature salespeople.

Improving partner/team relationships. Balanced people build functional and thriving relationships around them. Being good with yourself means being good with others, both customers and colleagues.

Better decisions. The company saves time and resources by optimizing the decisions people make and avoiding mistakes. One right decision means a return on investment for the company.

Change management. A coach supports teams going through periods of transition where adapting to new contexts can create imbalances.

Sustainable organizational development. The growth of a company must be reinforced by the growth of key people in the team. Coaching can help you build a strong team core.

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