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What is Microsoft PowerPoint Course?

1985. Someone somewhere felt the need for a slightly more interactive medium than a sheet of paper during a presentation. That someone was Robert Gaskins. He was the one whom thought of using a presentation program on the Macintosh that would revolutionize the way technology was seen and its incorporation into personal or professional presentations. Rapid was spotted by Microsoft and acquired in just three months since its launch, becoming one of the company's most important historical investments.

36 years later and living in the most digitized years so far, we realize how important Microsoft PowerPoint is, from school benches to the business environment in which we operate. We are talking about a program embedded in the Microsoft Office package with which we can create professional presentations through page sequences. We can use it when we need to present a report, coordinate a meeting, or simply when we want to convey clear and easy-to-understand information to someone.

But because no one is born learned and application versions are constantly advancing, there are information or techniques that we really do not acquire ourselves fast enough. That's why we call on an expert in the field to be sure we assimilate the information quickly and efficiently.

This is how the idea of ​​a Microsoft PowerPoint Training came about: a training during which you will receive the necessary tools to make an impact presentation with the help of MS PowerPoint.

Who is it for?

The Microsoft PowerPoint training program is part of a series of training programs for all Office users who want a complete set of technical skills.

We especially recommend it to beginner or intermediate level users who want to create or edit presentations faster and more efficiently. Of course, like any Brightway® program, it starts with diagnosing the level at which the participants are, and based on these data we build an effective training together.






Basics. Familiarity with the interface, access to editing and formatting options specific to individual work needs.

Prsentations with high impact. Understanding the tools that help you make presentations that can directly impact the subsequent results.

Practical ability. Theoretical notions with relevant examples from the business sphere and successful presentations.

Professional assistance. 3 months of assistance by telephone or email from the trainer for the successful implementation of the instruments received.

Social proof. Obtaining a participation diploma that confirms the progress of the program and the level of knowledge acquired.


 Productivity. Create and process documents faster and more efficiently.

Efficiency in scheduling meetings​. By using interactive presentations you can bring a new level of energy to your meetings or meetings.

The team's know-how. Acquiring working techniques that can be subsequently transmitted to other team members.

Professionalism. When you choose to convey information in a professional style, the company's image is strengthened.

Interactivity. Networking, new partners and business connections.

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