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What is Microsoft Word Course?

About Microsoft Office Word we know that it is by far the most used app for document writing, editing, and storage program in the world. It is part of the suite of Office programs that have revolutionized the way information has been digitized for more than 35 years and counting.

Microsoft Word is based on understanding the options that make it easy to edit a document and format it in a personalized way in terms of size, alignment, colors, and graphics. The years go by and the way the program is presented is different from one edition to another. For everyone, the basic steps in creating and sharing documents are the same. The only difference is the powerful editing and revision tools in Microsoft Office Word that we need to master to make our work and documents more efficient.

Because it is an essential program in the development of our professional activity, but it is constantly updated with increasingly complex versions and increasingly extensive functions, a training word may be the best idea for teams that want a boost of skills, technically speaking. During the course, document automation tools are presented, in the sense of generating a table of contents, inserting a header and/or footer, and designing templates for e-mail campaigns.

After completing the course, participants will receive 3 months of advice from the trainer to successfully implement the tools received.

Who is it for?

The Microsoft Word Training Program is best designed for beginners or mid-level users who want to process work documents faster and more efficiently.






Getting familiar with the working environment. Access to a number of editing and formatting options specific to your individual work, various needs and tips & tricks.

Automation tips. Understanding the tools that allow the automation of the document (summary, header & footer, mail merge).

Practical aplicability. Presenting theoretical notions together with relevant examples inspired by business practice and case studies.

Professional assistance. 3 months of professional assistance by phone or email from the trainer for implementation.

Social proof. Obtaining a participation diploma that confirms the progress of the program and the level of knowledge acquired.


 Productivity. Create and process documents faster and more efficiently.

Saving time. Administrative tasks can be performed in a shorter time and the time gained can be reinvested.

The team's know-how. Acquiring working techniques that can be subsequently transmitted to other team members.

New opportunities. Understanding the Brightway way of working and establishing a future training plan.

Interactivity. Networking, new business partners and connections.

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