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What is Project Management?

If we keep on guiding by the definition of "a project is a temporary effort made to create a unique product, service or result" are there still companies in which we do not have projects and project managers? We believe that projects exist everywhere, in various forms. And we include here from daily tasks and very short-term tasks, to large projects, with large budgets and long-term development, and in which several stakeholders may be involved. In any case, a project denotes our work and must be completed.

We build a project management training based on experiential learning methods. Participants will receive techniques and tools to effectively manage a project and will be trained to apply them to specific cases in the organization they belong to. The project management course is outlined by methodologies that can be applied especially in professional projects, but we guarantee that the information received will be so useful that the personal performance will be improved also.

Because we live in an uncertain situation and we want to perform especially in the current context, project management also involves a series of elements to adapt to the situation generated by the Sars-Cov2 pandemic.

Who is it for?

The Project Management Training Program is addressed to all the people who are responsible for the administration of the projects and haven't completed a Project Management or Project Management at Work Training so far.

It is also a development course suitable for those who do not formally have the position of Project Manager, but constantly or periodically take on project management responsibilities.






✓ Objectives. You train to define the objectives of a project and to structure its stages.

✓ Tools. You get tools to allocate resources and share project tasks. 

✓ Communication Methods. You learn methods of communication with stakeholders during the project. 

✓ Prioritization Strategies. You analyze prioritization strategies that you can implement in your activity.


✓ Efficiency. Agile strategies and working methods that the team will apply in certain key projects.

✓ Landmarks. Scalable indicators to monitor the evolution of projects and the quality of work.

✓ Evaluation. Creating measurable work processes through a set of specific tools and KPIs.

✓ Reporting. Strategies for defining budgets, making forecasts, and reports. 


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