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PCM Communcation Techniques Training

PCM® Communication Techniques


What is PCM Communication Course?

PCM® is a methodology used for personality analysis, created by Taibi Kahler based on over 40 years of research, the model being validated by approximately 1 million completed profiles. The PCM® methodology uses practical tools, which can be applied in the interaction with a person, to determine real-time, his personality traits, psychological needs, stress behavior, and motivational factors that guide his choices in the current context.

PCM® training helps you meet the need to connect people today, gives you communication techniques to maintain colleague's high motivation, and provides tools to be persuasive in your relationship with business partners once you restart the business.

Who is it for?

PCM® training is aimed at anyone with a high level of interest, curious about human psychology, and about how people communicate and/or react. It can be extremely useful in modulating the interaction in the sales process, in inter-departmental communication, in leadership, but it also brings a major benefit on a personal level, in your daily life interactions.



Personal profile. Analysis of your personality and the way you perceive reality.

Identifying the levels of "distress"​. Observing the "alarm signals" when you slip outside your comfort zone.

Communication channels. Methods of adapting and transmitting the message according to the interlocutor.

Optimization of daily activities​. Identification of activities that generate energy and satisfaction in daily life.

Relationship management​. Explanations for past conflict situations and the generation of possible solutions.


Adapting the work environment​ to each personality type, which generates maximization of results.

Better team connection by using the communication channels specific to each person.

Adapting your leadership style. Adapting the management style according to the team.

Avoiding conflicting states​. Identifying and resolving team tensions in the shortest time.

Use of motivational factors. Feeding each type of personality with the specific psychological needs.

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