Three activities for a successful spring teambuilding

Three activities for a successful spring teambuilding

What is successful teambuilding?

In general, when it comes to organizing a teambuilding, there are two diametrically opposed approaches, which we will call, for simplicity of understanding, the vision of the boss and the vision of the subordinate. The terms are not used by accident, and in what follows we will briefly review some characteristics of each:

The boss's vision

- considers teambuilding an investment that must necessarily pay off, just like any other investment for the business he manages or runs (for example, hiring a new team member or buying equipment); thus, he will be very careful with the amounts spent for its organization and will consider it a failure if no immediate results are observed;

- he wants to keep the hierarchical relationships within the team building (he does not "come down" from his position as boss), but also to include some office specific activities (the weekend in the mountains or at the sea can be "sprinkled" with presentations, workshops etc.);

The subordinate's vision

- sees teambuilding as an opportunity to socialize with colleagues, in an informal environment, but without a specific purpose (strengthening relationships with them), but simply for fun and relaxation;

- wants to maintain the "friendships" already formed at work, spending most of the time in the company of the colleagues with whom they already get on best.

True or not?

As anyone can see, both visions are wrong, not necessarily taken individually, but precisely because, once superimposed, they will create disappointments and conflicts, precisely the opposite of the desired effect of a teambuilding. Thus, the subordinates will feel stressed and bored by the programme planned by their boss, and the boss will be annoyed by the partying attitude of those he would have liked to "lead" during the two or three days allocated to the event.

But what is the right approach and what does successful teambuilding mean after all? To answer this question, we need to find out what the vision of the manager and colleagues is. Unlike the previous two, which were in opposition, this one is a common one, and the names used (manager instead of boss and colleagues instead of subordinates) are not at all coincidental.


The manager and colleagues vision

- considers teambuilding an excellent way to improve team relationships, both individual (between two colleagues) and at the level of the whole group/department; for this, it is necessary to maintain the specific conduct of the workplace (dominated by respect, understanding, etc.), but in a new/different environment (without activities reminiscent of meetings, etc.);

- they want to obtain professional and personal benefits both individually (each employee) and as a group (at the level of each department/the whole company); in other words, besides the actual disconnection, the purpose and effects of teambuilding will be spread and felt over a long period of time, being visible in the growing business figures.

What successful teambuilding means? We have the answear!

An essential "ingredient" of any successful teambuilding is hiring a specialized company to organize it. We have been doing this for almost 20 years, and today our offer includes no less than 30 dedicated programs, each with its own particularities (e.g. dog teambuildings, off-road adventures, "survivor" type or focused on improvisation and creative thinking).

After two and a half years of pandemic, the teams are ready to reconnect, and we have prepared many activities that will make this phase unforgettable.

This is what you can do this spring:

A unique workshop in Romania, about trust, team, discipline, courage, but also about social responsibility. All in one.

You train to work better in a team with a Dog Trainer and a Business Trainer. You learn from working with rescue dogs something about yourself, about the psychology of trust and how to have harmonious relationships.

Each participant will go through the phases of trust, power and authority, acquiring by the end of the training awareness with an extraordinary impact in both personal and professional life.


We set out to combine what we do best, emotion, with what we know we like best, essence. The essence of a spring day, the essence of a first performance, the essence of a hug, the essence of an emotion.

We invite you to a workshop on perfume making and the power of emotion, with an expert perfumer and a psychotherapist. You choose the path of this workshop, decide what kind of emotion we travel towards and we'll take care of the rest. 

We live in a world where long-term certainty and predictability are beginning to be absent from any field of activity. In this context, personal and professional adaptability, flexibility, creativity become key skills for performance.

Discover the art of improvisation in a practical and interactive training that will help you to develop these skills in order to achieve results in a short time.

We propose a workshop-training course with improvisation games and exercises to stimulate intuition, spontaneity and creativity in interpersonal expression.

What do you say? Contact us and let's welcome spring with steps towards getting to know each other, beyond screens! 

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