NASA and Process Communication Model®

The history of NASA and Process Communication Model® (PCM) started in the year 1987 when Terry McGuire started to apply the methodology to recruit astronauts.

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Coaching - Truly useful or just a trend?

"Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say - I understand your pain, it's going to be ok, here's a coffee and 2 million dollars!" 

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I took a Process Communication Model® training. Now what?

We are born in a certain way, with a certain pattern, but some things will significantly influence our behavior. Discover how.

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New Lean Six Sigma certification in Brightway® team!

We wish to congratulate our colleague Diana Basoc for her recent Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification!

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What's up with PCM® and how does it help you in life?

Between May 18-27, we had Cristian China-Birta as a participant in the PCM® course. As an avid Marcom man, he wanted to share all the details about his experience in the training program. What came out, you can see here!

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