What is the method recommended by experts for developing emotional intelligence?

Want to learn more about developing emotional intelligence? Here is the method recommended by experts in the field! You will be surprised!

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What is a sales advisor? Here is the job description!

Do you want to know what sales advisor means? Here is the job description and the skills needed for this job! See if it suits you!

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Sales in the post-pandemic era. Is an economic crisis coming?

Is a new economic crisis coming after the pandemic? We find an answer together, from a sales perspective!

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Workplace stressors. How to manage them?

If you want to decrease the number of work stressors, here are some solutions you can adopt to live a balanced life!

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Brightway at Lions Empire

How far can an idea that starts as a "side business" go? Mihai was invited by BCR to talk about Brightway's journey so far on the Lions Empire.

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At Brightway, you can pay for professional development courses in cryptocurrencies!

Brightway has signed a partnership with Utrust, enabling the purchase of professional development courses with cryptocurrencies

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Brightway, partnership with International House for language courses

Brightway - personal development programs and International House - language courses collaborate from November 1, 2021

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