What does a manager do? ⭐ Job description, responsibilities, skills

Short but comprehensive! Learn all about what a manager does - both professionally and personally ✔️

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Model resignation with notice - here's how to do everything by the book! ✔️

Learn how to complete a resignation with notice template! At the time of a major change, leave nothing undone!

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Welcome your colleagues with the most beautiful welcome message to the team!

Positive atmosphere at work is the guarantee of team success ✔️ Here's how to compose a team welcome message

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What is SWOT analysis? Model, uses, competitive advantages ✔️

Brightway® experts reveal all about SWOT analysis: model, definition, when it is recommended, what are the benefits!

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The most effective Power Point presentations - ideas from the pros

Here's what Brightway's Power Point presentation experts reveal: ideas, templates, all within the dedicated training!

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What motivates you at work? One answer is wrong!

The question "What motivates you at work" can also be addressed to yourself, but also appears in job interviews

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Learn Excel quickly, simply and well! Here's how Brightway helps you!

Learn Excel and optimize your time for reports and analysis! Improve your work performance!

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