Brightway, partnership with International House for language courses

Brightway - personal development programs and International House - language courses collaborate from November 1, 2021

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Three activities for a successful spring teambuilding

You'll be surprised what a successful teambuilding is all about - collaboration, understanding, efficiency and even more!

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DOGZ live at Neața cu Răzvan și Dani

Clearly, Toshi loves his TV appearances. On July 14, we presented the first and the only team workshop with dogs in Romania. Watch here the DOGZ material and give us your feedback!

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What's up with PCM® and how does it help you in life?

Between May 18-27, we had Cristian China-Birta as a participant in the PCM® course. As an avid Marcom man, he wanted to share all the details about his experience in the training program. What came out, you can see here!

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The differences between coaching and psychotherapy

Coaching and psychotherapy seem to be very similar, so how do you know what you need, how do you choose? Find out what the differences are!

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Organizational culture. How can it help you?

Find out the story of Dr. Taibi Kahler in a well documented article and discover how he created PCM® methology and collaborated with NASA.

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The hidden salesperson and the inspirational sales process.

Until not long ago, selling was a very well-articulated process, in which the position of sales agent was quite controversial. But how are things today?

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