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  • Evaluation
  • Work plan
  • Skills development
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In a business environment in which changes occur at a faster rate each year, it is essential to have well-trained people in your organization. Developing key skills that each team member needs to be top performers in their role can make the difference between durable development or decline of the company.

How can a training program help you in the actual context?

It is important to view a training session as an investment, not as a cost. Brightway® development programs are based on experiential learning methodologies (business simulations, role-play exercises, case studies, on the spot feedback sessions). This allows participants to develop in an accelerated way the skills they need and gain relevant experience in a short time.

Customized training programs can help you reach concrete goals such as: increasing conversion rate for sales team members, adapting the management system to the actual changes, shortening the working hours on certain processes, etc. We invite you to view Brightway® main training programs and contact our consultants in order to build a development plan for your team.

Leadership & Management
Finance for NonFinance

Train yourself to make decisions based on financial information in an interactive business simulation and learn how to interpret the financial indicators you work with.

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Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership consists of practical training in the art of leadership. Define your direction and be an inspiration for those around you!

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First Time Manager

The First Time Manager training is focused on developing leadership skills for people who do not have management experience, have recently been promoted or will occupy a leading position in their organization.

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Marketing and Strategy

Test new promotion techniques and create marketing strategies to increase the value of the brand you represent.

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Telesales & Customer Service

Customer counseling and proactive communication are key skills in a world where digitalization and speed govern our daily choices.

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B2B/B2C Sales Techniques

Improve your sales skills and optimize the process of customer interaction through a Sales and Communication interactive training.

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B2C Advisory Sales Techniques

The B2C advisory sales course is aimed at sales teams that offer products and services to the final customer, receive customers in the shop/showroom/clinic, or contact them to provide guidance in hypermarkets, events, fairs or exhibitions.

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Customer Care

The Customer Care program helps you train your communication skills. Offer your customers memorable experiences!

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Negotiation and Persuasion

They say in life you don't receive what you deserve, but what you negotiate. Join our Negotiation training and become an expert in the art of negotiation. 

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Microsoft Office
Business Microsoft Excel

"Tips & tricks" in Excel and ways to ease your work. Join our MS Excel training and find out how easily and efficiently you can work.

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VBA in Business Microsoft Excel

Learn how Excel and VBA can add value to your business with useful shortcuts and automated time-consuming activities.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you want the information you transmit to have a bigger impact? Join an interactive training for MS PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Word

Learn how to work efficiently and easily in Microsoft Word. During this training you learn to edit and manage any type of text documents.

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Microsoft Project

The MS Project course is an interactive training, during which you will learn how to manage a project in order to make work processes more efficient and to optimize the resources allocated..

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Microsoft Access

At this MS Access training you will learn how to create and manage databases so that you can customize different types of searches, filters and operations according to your specific work processes. 

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Personal Development
Communication Techniques using PCM® methodology

Discover the PCM® methodology to determine in real-time the personality traits of an individual, their psychological needs, stress behavior, and motivational factors that guide their choices.

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Be a SMART Assistant Manager & Back Office

Learn how to be effective in Assistant Manager and Back Office positions. Become a trusted contact for the whole company!

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Improvisation and Creative Thinking

Discover the art of improvisation in a practical and interactive training that will help you develop your creativity in order to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

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Public Speaking

The Public Speaking training by Brightway helps you identify the ideal way to make successful presentations that can touch your auditory's minds and hearts.

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Stress Management

Join our stress management and emotional intelligence training and enter the mysterious world of emotions and working with yourself. 

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Time Management

People who never have enough time, do the least. Train in an interactive time management simulation​.

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✮ Customized Programs
Feedback is always very important to us. See what the participants think about our programs, how they managed to apply the tools they received, and what was the practical usefulness of the concepts learned.
The Brightway experiences are based on the idea of business simulation and hands-on learning. We recreate real business contexts through which participants find themselves in decision-making situations and a "live" organizational context. Sign up now!
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