Brightsale - Tehnici de vanzare si comunicare cu clientii B2B

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What does brightsale mean?
Brightsale is a practical sales training which offers you efficient tools to communicate with your clients and a powerful sales strategy. The primary objective of this course is to make participants aware of the sales process steps and to make them identify concrete ways for obtaining a higher turnover for their organization.

You will learn how to create durable business partnerships and how to transform prospects into actual clients, extending your portfolio.

To whom do we address this sales training? 
CEOs, managers, team leaders, coordinators, sales team, any person who wishes to sell successfully ideas, services, products.
What you'll practically do at this sales training?
- you will be a part of a sales team and sell products and services;
- you will train to create and implement a sales strategy;
- you will analyze obstacles in the selling process;
- you will discover ways of work with difficult clients.
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Participants' opinions (see complete feedback forms at Testimonials):

This training program enlightened me, opened my mind, clarified and structured what I had to do. The tools are practical and intelligent, and in the same time easy to learn and easy to understand ... 
Director General - Comfert

All Brightway programs helped me in my professional development. Brightway programs are interactive and the degree of applicability of the tools delivered is very high ... Director General - Tornado Trade

It is necessary to learn new things all the time and I leave with something new, useful and relevant for my activity each time after I attend to a Brightway training program ... Director General - Roofart

Benefits time management
What will you gain if you attend the brightsale program?

1. Professionally:
- a sales strategy for increasing your company's turnover;
- concrete actions for improving the communication with difficult clients;
- steps to efficiently close profitable deals;
- moments of power that a salesman can use during a sale;
- strategies to improve the conversion rate of your prospects; 
- techniques to attract prospects to your business;
- ways to manage efficiently client portfolio.
2. Materially:
- a professional collage videos and photos made during the training;
- a diploma that certifies your participation;
- a brightsale home workbook with the discussed topics;
- net financial gains after you apply the tools received at this sales training;
- new business partners (90% of attendants at this sales training develop new business connections).

- a 100 lei voucher to participate at a financial management or leadership training program at your choice;
- the book "The Art of Persuasion" written by Juliet Erickson.

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